Augusta business fights against coronavirus with magic

With fabric, glitter and a little magic, Wardrobe of Wishes (WoW) continues to stay open during the novel coronavirus outbreak. (Pexels stock)

By Sam Turner|
Staff writer

A local Augusta business is determined to keep doors open during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) scare with a little magic.

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Weeks of Welcome brings excitement for students

The picture of the 2021 symbol was taken shortly after Freshman Convocation, where students had the opportunity to listen to several speakers that were a part of the Augusta University staff as well as have a luncheon with the faculty and attend their first class of the semester, Freshman 1101. (Photo Credit: @aug_university on Instagram)

By Madison Brown | Staff Writer

As students began to move into the Augusta University dorms on Aug. 12, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement due to classes starting on Aug. 16 and welcoming week activities following soon after.

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