Spring pause means resting, traveling or catching up

By Jacob Boland |

Jeremiah Griffin plans to do film work on his bonus days off. (photo by Jacob Boland)

Starting Thursday, March 8, Augusta University (AU) will begin their highly anticipated spring pause, giving students a four-day weekend. Continue reading “Spring pause means resting, traveling or catching up”


Communication students to honor veterans at AU

By Taylor Crook | Contributor  

 AUGUSTA, Ga. — The Augusta University Department of Communication will celebrate Veterans Day on the Summerville campus on Thursday, Nov. 9. 

 Students in the Public Relations Practices class (COMM 3600) will be giving away doughnuts Continue reading “Communication students to honor veterans at AU”

HB 280: Is AU still on edge?

By The Staff

In light of Georgia House Bill 280 (HB280), there have been many questions raised about the campus carry law beginning with the differences between concealed carry and open carry.

According to the statute listed under the bill, concealed carry of a weapon is defined as being, “carried in such a fashion that does not actively solicit the attention of others and is not prominently, openly, and intentionally displayed except for purposes of defense of self or others.” In simpler terms, this means that someone, as long as they have the correct permit, is allowed to carry a weapon as long as it is not displayed openly.  Continue reading “HB 280: Is AU still on edge?”

Star Wars Reads Day is out of this world

A Save the Date card for Star Wars Reads Day featuring Princess Leia and Wicket on the Moon of Endor. (Photo courtesy of the Augusta-Richmond County Public Library)

By Madison Brown | Staff Writer

Now that October has begun, the Augusta-Richmond County Public Library has started preparing for the event that honors everyone’s favorite story set in a galaxy far, far away: Star Wars Reads Day.

Star Wars Reads Day is a family-friendly national literacy initiative that was started in 2012 by Lucasfilm. Star Wars Reads Day is held in several cities across the country, such as Los Angeles, Calif., and New York City, N.Y., to celebrate all things Star Wars Continue reading “Star Wars Reads Day is out of this world”

‘Columbus’ captures subtlety in performance and architecture

Courtesy of Superlative Films


By Hannah Ryan | Contributor   

 The 2017 film Columbus was screened on Tuesday as another fall semester Cinema Series feature at the Maxwell Theatre.    

 Directed by Kogonada, the film’s main stars are John Cho and Haley Lu Richardson. The story follows a man named Jin (Cho) whose estranged father, an architecture scholar, goes into a coma while on business in Columbus, Ind. Jin must go to Columbus to look after his father. Continue reading “‘Columbus’ captures subtlety in performance and architecture”

Sibley Soilworks hosts grand opening for community composting project

By Jamie Sapp | Editor-in-Chief

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Sibley Soilworks is hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Augusta for the grand opening of a new community composting project.

The ceremony begins today at the Veggie Park Farmers Market on 109 Eve Street at 4:30 p.m.

Sibley Soilworks is non-profit community project in partnership with the Augusta Canal Authority. Continue reading “Sibley Soilworks hosts grand opening for community composting project”

Constitution Day brings out the best of Augusta University

Maggie Cluney looks on as Kinah Bartido, both freshmen at Augusta University, chalks the sidewalk celebrating Constitution Day on campus. (Photo: Zhenya Townley)


By Zhenya Townley | online + design editor

Augusta University held multiple events at the Summerville campus on Sept. 18 to celebrate Pre-Law Day 2017 on Constitution Day.

The Pre-Law Day 2017 program was hosted and sponsored by the Department of Political Science, Career Services, and the Reese Library.

During the program, there were scheduled sessions between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. that showcased Georgia and South Carolina law schools, Continue reading “Constitution Day brings out the best of Augusta University”

Weeks of Welcome brings excitement for students

The picture of the 2021 symbol was taken shortly after Freshman Convocation, where students had the opportunity to listen to several speakers that were a part of the Augusta University staff as well as have a luncheon with the faculty and attend their first class of the semester, Freshman 1101. (Photo Credit: @aug_university on Instagram)

By Madison Brown | Staff Writer

As students began to move into the Augusta University dorms on Aug. 12, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement due to classes starting on Aug. 16 and welcoming week activities following soon after.

Many freshmen students may have a preconceived idea about welcoming week activities because of movies that show someone starting college for the first time. Everyone has seen those college movies, right? Continue reading “Weeks of Welcome brings excitement for students”

AU students react to Junior Model UN Conference

Posters of different countries are placed on chairs for the JMUN conference in the JSAC Ballroom on Mar. 15 at Augusta University. (Photo: Kait Fruechting)

By Kait Fruechting | Staff Writer

The students of the Model UN class, taught by Dr. Craig Albert, a professor of political science, presented the 3rd Annual Junior Model UN Conference on Mar. 15 in the JSAC Ballroom. About 250 students from 13 local middle schools participated in the JMUN.

Albert’s students actively participated in all stages, from the planning to the execution. This allowed for and resulted in a greater understanding and respect for the procedures of the UN. Continue reading “AU students react to Junior Model UN Conference”