Local Spotlight: Tara Scheyer

Tara Scheyer, a local music teacher, plays the ukulele, piano, and more. (photo courtesy of Tara Scheyer website)

By Sam Turner |
Staff writer 

For some people, music is relaxing to listen to. For those of determined heart, it is a lifestyle.

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Augusta hosts its annual Guitar Pull concert

Guitar Pull
The James Brown Arena is dressed in colorful lights with a decorated stage for the Guitar Pull concert. (photo by Taylor Ferguson)

By Taylor Ferguson |
Staff writer

Augusta hosted its annual Guitar Pull concert on Monday, Nov. 18. This concert consisted of five well-known country singers: Luke Bryan, Luke Combs, Riley Green, Runaway June and Rodney Atkins.

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Russ is a steady beam of light in the Music Department at AU

Margie Russ working in her office in the Music Department on the Summerville campus. (photo by Josh Epps)

By Josh Epps |

Finding someone who gets joy from helping others is uplifting in any environment. Margie Russ displays this joy proudly and was smiling before I even entered her office. Continue reading “Russ is a steady beam of light in the Music Department at AU”

Lost Boy finds himself in music

By Joshua Adams | Staff Writer

In a city that used to be home to several different types of punk music, one musician has refused to give up his dreams. He’s still writing, recording and booking shows that you wouldn’t see in Augusta without his efforts.

Holden Taylor is the lead singer of the emo-punk trio, Lost Boy. He’s played in several bands in Augusta over the years including Panic Manor, Idamara and DreamEater.

“As a little kid,” Taylor said, “I was always drawn to music. I had crappy, cheap guitars growing up but I never really knew what to do with them. The thing that really got me into learning how to play music was meeting friends in the neighborhood. I started taking guitar lessons. I took about six lessons, after that I taught myself. I have no formal training. I just kind of taught myself.”

Like many emotive musicians, Taylor’s early influences were Nirvana, Queen, My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday.

“I still love those bands,” he said. “Nirvana and Queen gave me the nostalgic euphoria feel of what it meant to be a musician. I wanted that. And I still want that, I fight every day for it.” Continue reading “Lost Boy finds himself in music”

How things work for guitars

By Joshua Adams | Staff Writer

Electric guitars are used in just about all types of music. While most guitarists are fluent in the language of music and technique, many may not be well acquainted with the knowledge of how the electronics inside of the electric guitar work.

The inner workings of an electric guitar are actually quite simple, and there’s a lot of room for preference when it comes to deciding on the sound a guitarist may want.

Berkshire Guitars, located on the corner of 13th and Reynolds Streets, is run by father and son, Ron and A.J. Berkshire. Berkshire Guitars has been building, repairing and customizing instruments for about nine years and are well aware of how the electronics of a guitar work.

“If you’ve got a guitar, bass, violin, cello, banjo or ukulele, we can work on it,” luthier A.J. Berkshire said. Continue reading “How things work for guitars”