Love a Stranger challenge: Don’t forget to let a stranger love you

By Sequoia Sinclair | Contributor

Suicide is the second leading cause of death between ages 15 and 35, according to the CDC.

College life is a time of excitement and discovery as well as higher risks of stress. These dynamics can create a sense of confusion paired with anxiety. Pressures to succeed can lead to feelings of powerlessness or crisis, increasing the risk of depression and suicide. The “Love a Stranger” challenge is used to encourage students into taking what they’ve learned and using it in practice. Continue reading “Love a Stranger challenge: Don’t forget to let a stranger love you”

Professor Buzzell expresses excitement for Eiga Fest

By Jamie Sapp | Editor-in-Chief

Spring break may be over, but the spring film festival of the Cinema Series at Augusta University is just beginning.

The Cinema Series is hosting the Eiga Fest in the Maxwell Theatre on Saturday, April 15, to celebrate Japanese cinema and culture. Continue reading “Professor Buzzell expresses excitement for Eiga Fest”

Knowing the Strategic Plan: What does it means for Augusta University

The future of Augusta University is currently being decided upon, where many organizations and committees working hard to ensure it survives. Now, students have an opportunity to help improve it.

As of right now, the university is currently working on the Strategic Planning Project, a project trying to improve certain aspects of the university on both school campuses. The plan is currently being put under review, so students and faculty were encouraged to come to the town hall meetings that were held on Mar. 23 and Mar. 24. The meetings were livestreamed for those that could not attend.

In the timeline of the project, the first stage is the preparation of the Strategic Planning Project, which was made in the fall semester of 2016. The current stage is where students and faculty are being aware and engaging in the project. The final stage is where the project is finalized. Continue reading “Knowing the Strategic Plan: What does it means for Augusta University”

Alumni share readings at Writer’s Weekend

By Austin Wright | Copy Editor

March heralded the Annual Augusta Writer’s Weekend as Augusta University students and faculty presented their creative works as well as hosted numerous workshops.

Notable among these events were Julia Elliott and Jim Minick book signings which were held in University Hall Lobby at four. Also of note was the reading by the university’s very own Karen Gillespie, a professor in the English department, of one of her books that was recently published.

One such event held importance in a different way, the AU Creative Writing Alumni Reading which showcased the talents of prominent creative writing majors who have recently graduated. Continue reading “Alumni share readings at Writer’s Weekend”

Preview: “Don’t Touch My Hair,” literally

(Photo: Kashalah Robinson)

By Kashalah Robinson | Contributor

Students from Augusta University and Paine College will be collaborating in an African-American hair show. The event begins on Thursday, Mar. 30, at 6 p.m. in the Lee Auditorium at the Health Sciences campus.

Raising awareness and bringing a cultural event to the university was the main goal in putting together the “Don’t Touch My Hair” hair show. Continue reading “Preview: “Don’t Touch My Hair,” literally”

AU students trade hugs for cokes

(Photo: Jamie Sapp)

By Jamie Sapp | Editor-in-Chief

On the last Thursday of winter, as the weather began to warm, AU students traded their hugs for some cold, refreshing cokes. The #HugMeCoke machine appeared on the Summerville Campus at the Jaguar Student Activities Center patio on Mar. 16. The machine had more than 700 cokes for the coke-loving students and huggers on campus. Continue reading “AU students trade hugs for cokes”

The Effect portrays more than chemical romance

(Left to Right) Communication students Hunter Thomas, Allison Berres, and Benjamin Evans perform scenes in the spring play, The Effect, during a rehearsal on February 23, 2017, in room 242 of Washington Hall. (Photo: Jamie Sapp)

By Jamie Sapp | Editor-in-Chief

When it comes to spring, people often think about new beginnings such as budding romance. However, is romance a result of a chemical reaction in the brain or a natural process?

That is where The Effect comes in. Directed by communication professor Doug Joiner, The Effect is a play written by Lucy Prebble that is mainly focused on a clinical drug trial testing between two volunteer patients where chemical romance soon develops. Continue reading “The Effect portrays more than chemical romance”

Two GCPA conferences, one award finally

Dear readers, we’ve done it. The Bell Ringer at Augusta University has finally received a GCPA award.

It’s an award for the “Best Website” category in third place, after attending the 2017 Georgia College Press Association (GCPA) Conference during Feb. 10-11 at Mercer University in Macon, Ga.

The Georgia College Press Association recognizes the grand work of student-run newspapers from colleges and universities in Georgia. Between spring 2016 and spring 2017, I was present for the two GCPA conferences during the newspaper’s major transformation from mainly print to mainly online.

For The Bell Ringer, this particular award is its first and only award since spring 2015. Continue reading “Two GCPA conferences, one award finally”

Q&A with Keshun Sherrill: Sherrill on his last year as a Jaguar

(Top) The Augusta Jaguars, including senior player Keshun Sherrill, gather together before playing the PBC Quarterfinal game against the Montevallo Falcons on Feb. 25 in the Christenberry Fieldhouse. (Photo: Kait Fruechting)
(Top) The Augusta Jaguars, including senior player Keshun Sherrill, gather together before playing the PBC Quarterfinal game against the Montevallo Falcons on Feb. 25 in the Christenberry Fieldhouse. (Photo: Kait Fruechting)

By Kait Fruechting and Jamie Sapp | Staff Writer and Editor-in-Chief

Sherrill on his last year as a Jaguar

After stepping out on the basketball court for the last time as a Jaguar, Keshun Sherrill spoke with The Bell Ringer to give them insight into who he is, what he wants, and what values he holds dear. He spoke of everything from his pregame rituals and things that people do not know about him as well as more serious ideals and values. Continue reading “Q&A with Keshun Sherrill: Sherrill on his last year as a Jaguar”