Spring pause means resting, traveling or catching up

By Jacob Boland |

Jeremiah Griffin plans to do film work on his bonus days off. (photo by Jacob Boland)

Starting Thursday, March 8, Augusta University (AU) will begin their highly anticipated spring pause, giving students a four-day weekend.

Riding on the coattails of spring semester midterms and setting up the week-long spring break in early April, spring pause is a mini-vacation from all things campus oriented.

Jeremiah Griffin, a junior in communication, mentioned loving the small time off from all his classes.

“Well, we’re all working on student films in my film class and I haven’t really finished mine yet, so these days off give me plenty of time to re-shoot a few scenes I wasn’t really happy with,” he said.

Griffin touched upon that although he had to work in the afternoons during spring pause, he didn’t mind taking in the extra hours.

“I mean, that’s money in the bank, you know,” he said.

Walking on campus earlier this week, you could feel the lightness in the air, a synchronous sigh of relief as everyone strolled from class to class, even on Tuesday afternoon when the campus experienced a downpour.

Chaundria Campos plans to rest during spring pause. (photo by Jacob Boland)

Chaundria Campos, who was escaping Tuesday’s rain by hanging out in Allgood Hall, was looking forward to the break.

“Oh, yeah, I really need this pause as I’ve been studying non-stop for three midterms, and I’ve gotten almost no time to myself,” Campos said.

Campos also brought up how she planned to just sleep through much of Thursday and Friday.

“Oh, I think I deserve at least that,” she said.

Macy Goodwin, who plans on graduating next semester, works off campus at Helga’s Bar on Central Avenue. While cleaning glasses Tuesday night, Goodwin thought hard about what she planned to do with her days off.

“I don’t know; I haven’t really thought about the pause until now actually,” she said.

Goodwin then agreed that she might go camping if it didn’t rain over the weekend.

So, students at AU will be using spring pause to make a class project better, to catch up on sleep or to just get away from it all. Spring pause shows that sometimes, it’s good to just slow down for a few days.


AU warnings: are they reliable?

By Skyler Mitchell |
Staff writer


On Fri., Feb. 9, a shooting occurred at the Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home, resulting in the death of Jaz-Na O. Timmons. Her husband, Richard Timmons Jr. was captured in Texas on Feb. 15 and will be brought back to Georgia to face trial. Continue reading “AU warnings: are they reliable?”

The creation and benefits of AU’s undergraduate research journal, the Arsenal

By Rachel Shomer|
Co-Editor in Chief

The official logo for the Augusta University undergraduate research journal, the Arsenal. (photo courtesy of Baillie Conway)

In the Spring of 2015, five students embarked on forming Augusta University’s Undergraduate Research Journal, the Arsenal. Co-Associate Editors Amberly Walton and Natasha Venugopal sat down to discuss the journal’s creation and benefits of being published. Continue reading “The creation and benefits of AU’s undergraduate research journal, the Arsenal”

Q&A with Athens, Ga. based band, The Orange Constant

By Madison Brown |
Online/Design Editor

Chris Freiberg, the keyboardist for the Athens, Ga. based band, The Orange Constant, spoke with The Bell Ringer on Tuesday, Jan. 23. He spoke about the history of the band, focusing on his experiences in the group, and discussed the various musical influences that they have as well as some of the goals that they have for the new year. They will be touring with Perpetual Groove and have an upcoming show in Augusta on Friday, Jan. 26 at Sky City. Continue reading “Q&A with Athens, Ga. based band, The Orange Constant”

The Cinema Series will screen Sean Baker’s, ‘The Florida Project,’ at the Maxwell Theatre

By Madison Brown|
Online/Design Editor

The Cinema Series at Augusta University will have two separate screenings of the independent film, ‘The Florida Project,’ in the Maxwell Performing Arts Theatre on Thursday, Jan. 18. Continue reading “The Cinema Series will screen Sean Baker’s, ‘The Florida Project,’ at the Maxwell Theatre”

Garth Newel Piano Quartet performs at Maxwell Theatre

By Jordan Stenger |
Staff writer

The Garth Newel Piano Quartet performed in Augusta on Friday, Jan., 12, at the Maxwell Performing Arts Theatre. (photo by Jordan Stenger)

The Garth Newel Piano Quartet presented their musical performance at Augusta University’s Maxwell Performing Arts Theatre on Friday evening, Jan. 12, 2018. Continue reading “Garth Newel Piano Quartet performs at Maxwell Theatre”

CURS Seminars show recent student research on topics

CURS Brown Bag Seminars
Undergraduate students present their research at the CURS Brown Bag Seminar events for the interests of other students, faculty, and the public in the JSAC Ballroom at Augusta University. (Courtesy of Augusta University Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship)

By Natasha Ramaswamy | copy editor

This past semester, the Augusta University Center for Undergraduate Research (CURS), led by the CURS program director Melissa Knap, hosted their 11th bi-annual series of Brown Bag Seminars.

Students from across the university had the opportunity to flock to the JSAC Ballroom to present their original research and scholarship to their peers and faculty on campus while enjoying a complimentary “brown bag” lunch. Continue reading “CURS Seminars show recent student research on topics”

“Fanny’s Fantastic Food Frolic” shows how to live a colorful life  

By Madison Brown | Staff Writer

“Variety is the spice of life,” is a quote from “Fanny’s Fantastic Food Frolic”, a fall production from the Augusta University Department of Communication.

Written by Dr. Melanie Kitchens O’Meara and Dr. Ruth Laurion Bowman, the play shares the message of choosing to live a colorful life, rather than one that is dull and gray.

The play focuses on a young girl named Fanny, Continue reading ““Fanny’s Fantastic Food Frolic” shows how to live a colorful life  “

 Cinema Series serves as a ‘big win’ for those who come 

The Cinema Series logo shines through a foggy window during the screening of ‘Columbus’ on Tuesday, Oct. 10 at the Maxwell Theatre. (Photo: Zhenya Townley)

By Zhenya Townley | Online + Design editor

Every August and December, communication professor Matthew Buzzell finds himself in New York City. His mission is to find films to bring back to Augusta University to show at the Cinema Series during the semester. Buzzell watches three films a day for five days. Continue reading ” Cinema Series serves as a ‘big win’ for those who come “

#MeToo Helps Millions

By Caroline Grant | Contributor

Actress Alyssa Milano spearheaded the “#MeToo” campaign on Twitter on October 15, a social justice movement dedicated to raising awareness for victims of sexual assault and harassment.

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