Love a Stranger challenge: Don’t forget to let a stranger love you

By Sequoia Sinclair | Contributor

Suicide is the second leading cause of death between ages 15 and 35, according to the CDC.

College life is a time of excitement and discovery as well as higher risks of stress. These dynamics can create a sense of confusion paired with anxiety. Pressures to succeed can lead to feelings of powerlessness or crisis, increasing the risk of depression and suicide. The “Love a Stranger” challenge is used to encourage students into taking what they’ve learned and using it in practice. Continue reading “Love a Stranger challenge: Don’t forget to let a stranger love you”

Two student winners are bringing life to campus in newsstand contest

The “Art-the-Newsstand” showcase begins on May 2, from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on the Allgood Hall patio and lawn.

By Jamie Sapp | Editor-in-Chief

The Bell Ringer has officially received two winning designs in the “Art-the-Newsstand” contest.

The announcement of the “Art-the-Newsstand” contest began in early March. The main goals of the contest were to receive creative art designs and originally to paint all four newsstand boxes placed on Augusta University’s campuses.   Continue reading “Two student winners are bringing life to campus in newsstand contest”

AU hosts WGST Symposium

(Left to Right) Ruth McClelland-Nugent, Angela Bratton, Aspasia Luster, Sudha Ratan and Liana Babayan spoke on challenges of female empowerment and gender equality in developing countries. (Photo: Jamie Sapp)

By Jamie Sapp and Sequoia Sinclair | Editor-in-Chief & Staff Writer

March is known for plenty of things, but it is also recognized as national women’s history month.

The Women’s and Gender Studies program, along with the Women’s Studies Student Association, hosted its 5th biennial symposium at Augusta University in Allgood Hall on Mar. 18. The theme of the symposium was “Year of the Woman? Gender and Power in Action.”

Guest speakers presented topics from the female body in art and literature to trans women health issues throughout the symposium. There were four various sessions with eight panels and four films.   Continue reading “AU hosts WGST Symposium”

AU students react to Junior Model UN Conference

Posters of different countries are placed on chairs for the JMUN conference in the JSAC Ballroom on Mar. 15 at Augusta University. (Photo: Kait Fruechting)

By Kait Fruechting | Staff Writer

The students of the Model UN class, taught by Dr. Craig Albert, a professor of political science, presented the 3rd Annual Junior Model UN Conference on Mar. 15 in the JSAC Ballroom. About 250 students from 13 local middle schools participated in the JMUN.

Albert’s students actively participated in all stages, from the planning to the execution. This allowed for and resulted in a greater understanding and respect for the procedures of the UN. Continue reading “AU students react to Junior Model UN Conference”

Professor Buzzell expresses excitement for Eiga Fest

By Jamie Sapp | Editor-in-Chief

Spring break may be over, but the spring film festival of the Cinema Series at Augusta University is just beginning.

The Cinema Series is hosting the Eiga Fest in the Maxwell Theatre on Saturday, April 15, to celebrate Japanese cinema and culture. Continue reading “Professor Buzzell expresses excitement for Eiga Fest”

April offers opportunities to stand against sexual assault

By Sequoia Sinclair | Contributor

April is nationally recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, or S.A.A.M. Augusta University as well as Augusta’s Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services (RCSAS) have worked together over the years to combat sexual violence in the community.

“We as a community are going to take a stand against sexual violence,” said Ann Henry, the director of Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services.

Two highlighted events in Augusta are the Eighth Annual Take Back the Day 5K Race and the 21st Annual Take Back the Night Rally. Continue reading “April offers opportunities to stand against sexual assault”

Knowing the Strategic Plan: What does it means for Augusta University

The future of Augusta University is currently being decided upon, where many organizations and committees working hard to ensure it survives. Now, students have an opportunity to help improve it.

As of right now, the university is currently working on the Strategic Planning Project, a project trying to improve certain aspects of the university on both school campuses. The plan is currently being put under review, so students and faculty were encouraged to come to the town hall meetings that were held on Mar. 23 and Mar. 24. The meetings were livestreamed for those that could not attend.

In the timeline of the project, the first stage is the preparation of the Strategic Planning Project, which was made in the fall semester of 2016. The current stage is where students and faculty are being aware and engaging in the project. The final stage is where the project is finalized. Continue reading “Knowing the Strategic Plan: What does it means for Augusta University”

Strategic planning gets feedback

Dr. Gretchen Caughman, vice president of academic affairs and provost, and Lee Ann Liska, CEO of AU Medical Center, discussed the Strategic Planning Project on Mar. 24 in the Maxwell Theatre. (Photo: Skyler Mitchell)

By Skyler Mitchell | Staff Writer

Augusta University is planning a big change in how it is going to be run and university officials are looking for feedback before it is put into place.

Augusta University is currently going through a change in planning, which is called the Strategic Planning Project. The project is supposed to focus on changing things like education, economic development, research and clinical care. The plan is currently in its second stage and being put under review. Continue reading “Strategic planning gets feedback”

Alumni share readings at Writer’s Weekend

By Austin Wright | Copy Editor

March heralded the Annual Augusta Writer’s Weekend as Augusta University students and faculty presented their creative works as well as hosted numerous workshops.

Notable among these events were Julia Elliott and Jim Minick book signings which were held in University Hall Lobby at four. Also of note was the reading by the university’s very own Karen Gillespie, a professor in the English department, of one of her books that was recently published.

One such event held importance in a different way, the AU Creative Writing Alumni Reading which showcased the talents of prominent creative writing majors who have recently graduated. Continue reading “Alumni share readings at Writer’s Weekend”

Progression of The Effect

Students Hunter Thomas, who played Dr. Lorna James, and Benjamin Evans, who played Tristan Frey, performed a scene in The Effect. (Photo: Kait Fruechting)

By Kait Fruechting | Staff Writer

Augusta University’s production of Lucy Prebble’s play, The Effect, a story of a chemical romance, was documented from the beginning to the final stages. The Agency, a collaborative capstone course for communication majors, produced a documentary of the play which showed the entire process from the auditions to cast interviews, set design, rehearsals and the cast’s reactions to opening night.

Continue reading “Progression of The Effect”