About Us

Welcome to the website for The Bell Ringer.

Our Mission Statement
The Bell Ringer at Augusta University is a student-led newspaper that strives to engage with students, faculty and the local community by providing compelling, credible content to its readers through print and digital media.

Editorial Policy
Letters to the editor must be accompanied by the author’s name, phone number and email address.  All columns and letters to the editor are the opinion of the author.  The views expressed in the Editorial section do not necessarily express those of The Bell Ringer, a designated public forum. Anything submitted to The Bell Ringer is open to be edited or rejected. However, The Bell Ringer staff gives all opinions a fair chance to be heard. All letters will be edited for grammar and style. If you would like to contribute a column or a letter to the editor, send an email to: bellringerproduction@gmail.com.

Corrections Policy
We strive to bring you accurately reported news. If you wish to report an error, please provide your name, phone number and a detailed description of the error and the necessary correction.

Aiken Standard
326 Rutland Dr. NW
P.O. Box 456
Aiken, SC. 29802


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