Local Spotlight: Tara Scheyer

Tara Scheyer, a local music teacher, plays the ukulele, piano, and more. (photo courtesy of Tara Scheyer website)

By Sam Turner |
Staff writer 

For some people, music is relaxing to listen to. For those of determined heart, it is a lifestyle.

Before getting to where she is in her music career today, Tara Scheyer did what any young adult might do. She pursued a degree and decided to worry about the outcome later.  

Scheyer always had a love for the arts and music but did not realize how much it would transform her life. 

Growing up, Scheyer found a love connection with music and played the trumpet, French horn and xylophone.  

“I played in the high school band,” Scheyer explained. “Even though flag team doesn’t count as an instrument, I loved it too! Xylophone and flag were my favorites!”  

After turning 18, Scheyer decided to share her musical abilities with her community and began teaching small lessons.  

She continued her education and graduated with a summer performance program degree from Berklee College of Music and a double bachelor’s degree from University of Southern Mississippi in music education and music industry.  

After graduating college in 1994, Scheyer packed up and moved to Augusta, Georgia according to her website.  

Augusta University, what was then Augusta State University, offered Scheyer a position teaching piano lessons and group classes. She was happy with teaching at Augusta State for a while until some exciting news that caused Augusta to lose Scheyer for a few years. 

She left Augusta behind to work for Reba McEntire in Nashville at Starstruck Records as well as working for Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music.  

“I loved working for Reba in Nashville,” said Scheyer. “She was a really great and supportive boss. Kevin moved to Nashville with me in 1997 when I accepted the position after working as a music teacher at Augusta State. After we got married, we moved back to Augusta to start a family and grow some roots.” 

Since then, Scheyer is well known around the Augusta area and works as a music teacher at Episcopal Day School.  

She has received many awards for her work such as being nominated for a Grammy for her work in education as well as the Steinway & Sons (piano) Top Music Teacher award in 2017 and 2018 as well as several Best Music Teacher awards in Family Magazine. 

When Scheyer is not in the classroom, she conducts music lessons out of her home. Piano, ukulele and boomwhackers are the instruments she mainly focuses on and group lessons as well as individual lessons are available.  

Since the coronavirus hit, Scheyer solely works with students over Zoom calls. According to her website, Scheyer offers fall music classes for the ukulele on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.  

Ukulittles are for students five and six years of age and Ukumiddles are seven and older. Scheyer offers an advanced ukulele class on Friday, but it is audition only.  

New to the fall class line up, Scheyer is offering a Boomwhacker class. The Boomwhacker class is designed to help students read music on a staff and learning note values.  

Scheyer’s website provides prices and what materials will need to be provided by the student as well as a link if a student is in need of boomwhackers or a ukulele. 

For more information about Tara Scheyer’s music classes or her music career, visit her website at http://www.tarascheyer.com