Going Virtual: Keeping Students Engaged with Live-streamed Club Fest

By Jenna Ingalls |
Staff writer

Staying connected and getting involved on campus looks different in the time of COVID-19, but Student Life and Engagement is doing everything they can to get students engaged.  

In semesters past, the Club Fest is an event were student organizations come and table in the amphitheater and students go to learn more about them.  

“There was no way for us to host it in person,” said Sharon Dukes, coordinator of student leadership. Trying to manage the hundreds of students who participate in Club Fest was not feasible, so they moved the event entirely online.  

Organizations were asked to schedule a fifteen-minute block to livestream from the Student Life Instagram through the week of August 24-28.  

“It was nice to see that the students are still wanting to be engaged,” said Dukes.  Students were getting creative in their 15 minutes in the spotlight, some clubs choreographed dance routines and others shared prerecorded videos, said Dukes.  

Though many events have moved online, the CREW is still hosting in person activities, according to Dukes.  

For movie nights and paint nights put on by the CREW, there will be a limit of 50 students per event to comply with social distancing guidelines. Though this will be a smaller gathering, they are hosting multiple nights so all interested students can attend.  

The next in-person event will be a guided paint session on September 17.   

For more information click here https://www.augusta.edu/student-life/crew/index.php