Online classes to continue for AU students

Students prepare for online classes during temporary suspension of in-person courses while students who are already online continue as usual. (Pexels stock)

By Sam Turner|
Staff writer

Online classes at Augusta University are to continue during the two-week temporary suspension period starting March 16.

President Brooks Keel announced on March 12 that the university will have in-person classes on temporary suspension starting March 16 and ending March 29, according to an email from the office of the president. This decision was made by the University System of Georgia for all public institutions in Georgia.

Many Augusta University students are enrolled in face-to-face classes this spring semester, as well as online classes. While the temporary suspension has an effect on students in face-to-face classes, online students will not be affected.

Mary Will Showman, senior communication student at Augusta University, is okay with online classes continuing.

“My online class is actually a lot of work and I’m hoping to use this time to knock out a bunch of work so if we do ever go back to face-to-face classes, I don’t have to worry about it on top of trying to catch up on two weeks missed in other classes,” said Showman. “I don’t really think online classes should be cancelled considering they’re already talking about taking everything online.”

Showman, like many students, is enrolled in both online and face-to-face classes and will not be as affected by the temporary suspension. Students who are exclusively enrolled in online courses are looking at the university suspension as another ordinary day.

Brittany Rich, a senior criminal justice major at AU, says that the suspension does not really matter to her nor will it affect her.

“It’ll be easier for some majors to complete assignments online, but not every major will be able to have the same experience,” says Rich. “So, it’s justified, but no it doesn’t affect me personally since I am only taking classes online.”

It is still uncertain if face-to-face classes will move online after March 29.


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