Nutrition is the key to your success

Paleo Num Yums features a meal prep service for nutritious entrees and desserts. (photo by Grace Adams)

By Madison Bradley and Meighan Coretti |
Staff writers

The first step towards being a healthier and better you starts with how you fuel your body. Meal-planning and nutrition may be overwhelming at first, but when you break it down it can be simple.

Planning is a key step in your process to getting the results that you want out of your fitness goals. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. The best way to start is to map out your meals for the week (finding healthy recipes online is helpful).

Printing out a chart for the seven days of the week and writing down your choice of meals can really help put your goals into action. Next, take a look at what is available to you in your fridge or pantry already. Then, create a grocery list based on what you need to buy. After purchasing your groceries, begin prepping your fruits and vegetables at home. Make sure to cook all raw meats that were purchased and boil eggs for an additional source of protein on the go. Once all food is cooked, separate it into containers for each day. A 30-pack of these meal prep containers can be purchased at Walmart for seven dollars.

Always remember to try your best to stick to your meal plan. It is important to know that a calorie intake calculator can be useful. You can find these online for free. Everyone’s weekly meal prep can and most likely will look different based on your specific fitness goals. Some healthy snacks to enjoy throughout your day may include apple slices and peanut butter, almonds/nuts, fresh veggies with hummus, Greek yogurt topped with granola pieces and RX nutrition bars, which can be purchased at most grocery stores.

If you have a little extra room in your monthly budget, you could always go check out Paleo Num Yums’ meal prep and consultation services at They are located at 359 Furys Ferry Rd. Martinez, GA 30907.


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