Pamplin Dean Green to retire at end of spring semester

Dean Elna Green is in her third year running Pamplin College; she came to AU from San Jose State and is a native of North Carolina. (photo by St. Julian Cox)

By Ravyn Chatmon |
Content editor

Elna Green, Ph.D. and dean of Pamplin College, is retiring at the end of June 2020. This information was announced on Tuesday, Jan. 28, at a Pamplin faculty meeting.

Although Dean Green is set to leave, she has expressed that she hopes to see Pamplin continue to grow after her departure.

“I know I am leaving some unfinished projects here, and I do regret that. But I also believe that the College will continue to move forward on our shared goals under its new leadership,” Green wrote in an email that was issued to Pamplin faculty and staff.

The new leadership will fall under Professor Kim Davies, Ph.D. and department chair of Social Sciences. Davies will be leaving her current position to take on the role of interim dean of Pamplin College on July 1, 2020. Will Hatcher, Ph.D., will step in as the interim chair of Social Sciences. As of now, Hatcher is the director of the Master of Public Administration program.

“I am grateful to Kim [Davies] for agreeing to take on this responsibility, because it allows me to depart knowing that the College is in good hands. Kim is an experienced and accomplished leader, with a deep understanding of where the College has been and where we have been headed in the three years I have been here,” Green wrote in her email.

Many Pamplin faculty members are supporting Dean Green in her journey towards retirement, and they are also welcoming Dr. Davies as she steps into her new role as the interim dean. Hubert van Tuyll, Ph.D., and professor of history, praised Davies’ experience in administration.

“[Davies] has an extensive history with the university, so she knows a lot. There’s not much she doesn’t know about how this place runs, so that’ll be an advantage. I think she’ll be a very steady leader. Personally, I hope [Davies] stays [and becomes the permanent dean],” van Tuyll said.

Rhonda Armstrong, Ph.D, department chair of English and Foreign Languages, was grateful that Green picked Davies as interim dean.

“I’m very thankful they’ve lined up Dr. Davies as an interim who can help lead the college through the next phases of some ongoing plans. [Green] is leaving in a good stead and leaving it in good hands. I think [Green] has done a lot of great things for the college. I will miss her and I think a lot of our faculty and students will miss her,” Armstrong said.

Pamela Hayward, Ph.D. and director of Integrated Studies, said she was surprised by the changes.

“I was surprised by the news, but I’m excited for [Green]. I’ve enjoyed working with her and developing the Integrated Studies major. I look forward to working with Dr. Davies,” Hayward said.

Green took on the role of dean of the Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences on July 1, 2017. The end of spring semester will mark her third year at Augusta University.


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