Convocation speaker urges freshmen to be both collegial and compassionate

Will Bryant, a lecturer in Communication, gives the Convocation lecture at Christenberry Fieldhouse. (photo by Mason Winkler)

By Mason Winkler |
Editor in chief

Dr. Will Bryant gave the faculty lecture at the 2019 Augusta University Freshman Convocation on Tuesday, Aug. 13, at Christenberry Fieldhouse.

Bryant, a lecturer in the communication department at AU, spoke to the incoming freshman class about the importance of their future at Augusta University and how it is vital to stay centralized and vigilant in their time here because they are the future, not only at the university but as for us as human beings as well. Bryant spoke a lot about human nature as well. It is easy for people to get caught up and distracted in not only school but in life, he said, and that is why it is crucial to remain focused. Bryant also told the freshmen to be both compassionate and collegial in their four years at AU.

Mili Patel, a cellular molecular biology major from Newnan, also spoke at the event as the Sophomore Class Speaker. She warmed the crowd up by reminding them that she had worked during summer Orientation and had met many of the freshmen at that time. Patel’s speech was more of a informational guide filled with five major tips for the freshman class to survive college. Some of these tips ranged from how to get along with your roommate in your dorm, study habits in comparison to high school, and the importance of mental health and where to seek help if incoming students were to ever need it. Patel, who had been one of Bryant’s public speaking students last year, earned the right to give her speech in an election in the spring.

President Brooks Keel also spoke at the event and rung in a new tradition at the event. After all the speakers had finished and the freshmen had received their pins, President Keel made his way to the front of the stage and rang the August University Arsenal Bell to ring in a new school year.

Other speakers at the event included: Taili Cid, student government president; Susan Davies, the vice president for Student Affairs and Enrollment; Dr. Gretchen Caughman, executive vice president for academic affairs and provost, and Zach Kelehear, vice provost for instruction and innovation.

After the convocation, the students went outside to take a class picture and then came back into the field house for lunch and a chance to mingle with professors and staff.

Mili Patel, a sophomore from Newnan, gives a talk to the incoming freshman class at AU Convocation. (photo by Mason Winkler)


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