Embrace summer through Study Abroad at AU

Associate Professor Jessica Reichmuth (L) and Associate Professor Amy Abdulovic-Cui (R) along with Dr. Ruth McClelland-Nugent (not pictured) are taking students to Nova Scotia this summer. (photo by Haley Knight)

By Haley Knight |

College students have many ways to spend their summers. Some students work, take more classes or travel. Augusta University’s Study Abroad programs allow for students to accomplish all three choices. Each program is designed to be roughly 10-20 days long with multiple class options. Students may travel internationally or domestically, take more classes and have the rest of their summer to work.

During summer 2019 there are six programs being offered; four of the programs are international and two are domestic. English and marketing are staying in the United States. The Department of English is going to Los Angeles to study American literature. Marketing is staying closer to home and going to Asheville, N.C. Marketing students will be conducting a hospitality case study.

The other programs will be traveling to Scotland, Spain and Nova Scotia. Kinesiology and communication students will be visiting Scotland. Kinesiology will be focusing on physical activity habits while communication teams up with the Music Department to study music history and travel writing with photography. Students from Spanish may speak with Professor Jana Sandarg about traveling to Salamanca, Spain. Lastly, the Department of History has joined forces with the Department of Biology for a trip to Novia Scotia.

Associate Amy Abdulov-Cui provided an educator’s view on how faculty prepare for Study Abroad trips. She will be accompanying Associate Jessica Reichmuth and Associate Professor Ruth McClelland-Nugent to Novia Scotia.

“Two years ago, she (McClelland-Nugent) and Dr. Reichmuth went to Nova Scotia to plan, and we all submitted a part for our program,” Abdulov-Cui said.

McClelland-Nugent did her Ph.D. work at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, which made organizing easier. She has been wanting to take a trip to Novia Scotia and with a recommendation from Study Abroad Director Maria Darley she paired with other science programs to encourage more students to join.

“I’ve always just enjoyed genetics and the aspect of genes,” she said. “You know you only have one set of DNA in your cells, but it dictates everything.”

Abdulov-Cui will be instructing the class Various Roles for DNA in Nova Scotia. She has prepared her class to study the varying roles that DNA plays within the economic system and community of Novia Scotia. Students are encouraged to embrace the culture through the importance that DNA holds in the life of the residents of Nova Scotia.


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