CEPaR holds ‘zombie apocalypse’ scavenger hunt

An emergency preparedness kit should include: Fresh water, non-perishable food, hygiene products, tools, batteries and chargers, a change of clothes in a waterproof bag, medications, proof of ID and a first aid kit. (photo by Rhys Payne)

By Rhys Payne |

Augusta University’s Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response (CEPaR) held a “zombie apocalypse”-themed scavenger hunt in the JSAC on Oct. 26.

Each station in the scavenger hunt provided information on emergency preparedness and what people should do or have in the case of an emergency. Also, participants received a free item at each station to help start an emergency preparedness kit.

CEPaR holds events such as this one to raise awareness for emergency preparedness.

“We want to be able to provide information on the blue-sky days,” CEPaR director Joseph Webber said. “We are able to help the community on days that aren’t blue-skies so they know what to do.”

Blue-sky days refer to days when there are no emergencies.

The scavenger hunt also had a way for students to join the Augusta University Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). The MRC preemptively trains and prepares “strike teams” that meet specific needs in the event of a crisis. Those that join are trained for their duties and will be on standby for emergencies such as hurricanes. Augusta University was designated as an MRC shortly after Hurricane Irma after taking in over 300 people affected by the hurricane in Savannah.

If you are interested in joining the AU MRC, go to www.servga.gov.

The CEPaR team provides emergency planning services and emergency response training, as well as answers any questions you may have in the case of an emergency. You can contact the team at (706) 729-2407 (or email the organization at cepar@augusta.edu).

“We know bad things happen, but we want to be prepared when they do,” Webber said.

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