The Cre8 Conference 2018 to offer networking and career advice for creative influencers

By Leeroy Francis |
Staff writer

Flyer for the Cre8 Conference 2018 to be held Saturday, March 31.  Image courtesy of The Cre8 Conference 2018

Aspiring creative influencers will have the opportunity to network and further their careers at The CRE8 Conference 2018 on Saturday, March 31 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the University of Pheonix-Augusta Campus.

The CRE8 Conference is Augusta’s new indie conference. This event will provide a unique opportunity for creatives to meet, network and further their careers. Singers, rappers, bands, poet/spoken word artists and comedians, from all over the CSRA, are welcome to connect with other artists and professionals in their field.

This conference is an excellent jumpstart to following your dreams. With a group or community behind you takes stress and confusion out of pursuing your goals alone. The CRE8 Conference exists to educate and empower creatives from all cultures and regions by providing the guidance and skills needed to overcome obstacles they may face while chasing their passions.

The Cre8 Conference includes learning opportunities like group panel discussions and session mentoring, giving ample opportunities to make long-lasting impressions and connections. Professional headshots are free to all attendees, and the conference will feature Mike Sarge, Tropher and Jaycie Ward; among special guests will include Trackstarz Radio.

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