Communication students to honor veterans at AU

By Taylor Crook | Contributor  

 AUGUSTA, Ga. — The Augusta University Department of Communication will celebrate Veterans Day on the Summerville campus on Thursday, Nov. 9. 

 Students in the Public Relations Practices class (COMM 3600) will be giving away doughnuts and coffee to veterans and current members of the military in the JSAC Breezeway from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 

 “Our department has had a tradition of giving away coffee and doughnuts on Veterans Day,” said Dr. David Bulla, Interim Chair of Augusta University’s Department of Communication. “This year, though, Veterans Day is on a Saturday, so the department decided to move it back a couple of days to when a good number of students will be on campus.” 

 Communication students will also give out literature listing places around Augusta that offer free or discounted services for veterans. 

 Also, there will be a large card to sign thanking veterans for their service. The communication students will then take the card to the Augusta VA Medical Center to give to veterans there. 

 “For students in COMM 3600, this is an opportunity to run a mini event,” Dr. Bulla said. “It’s example of a live campaign, and the students will be promoting it in various ways, including social media. But most importantly, it’s a chance for our students to say thanks to our veterans.” 

 The history of Veterans Day goes back to the end of World War I. President Woodrow Wilson made a statement about the significance of World War I on the first anniversary of its ending. In 1926, President Calvin Coolidge made it an annual observance. At that time, it was called Armistice Day. Congress changed the name to Veterans Day in 1954.  


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