AU students react to Junior Model UN Conference

Posters of different countries are placed on chairs for the JMUN conference in the JSAC Ballroom on Mar. 15 at Augusta University. (Photo: Kait Fruechting)

By Kait Fruechting | Staff Writer

The students of the Model UN class, taught by Dr. Craig Albert, a professor of political science, presented the 3rd Annual Junior Model UN Conference on Mar. 15 in the JSAC Ballroom. About 250 students from 13 local middle schools participated in the JMUN.

Albert’s students actively participated in all stages, from the planning to the execution. This allowed for and resulted in a greater understanding and respect for the procedures of the UN.

One week following the event, as a time for reflection, the students were asked how they were individually affected by actively participating in and running the JMUN Conference. Their responses are listed below.

  • “When delegates presented alternative or non-traditional ways of UN procedures, I was able to handle the situation through my knowledge of the UN System.”
  • “I feel that I have gained a better understanding of the how UN procedure works. Seeing it take place in real time solidified my confidence in going to the Model UN Conference in New York.”
  • “Participating in the event and seeing it in action really helped me prepare for the Model UN Conference in New York.”
  • “I became aware of the importance of clear and concise when giving instructions and direction.”
  • “I gained a new appreciation for the UN procedures and what can be achieved through the process.”
  • “After JMUN, I gain more respect, pride and confidence in UN procedure.”
  • “I gained greater understanding of the UN procedures and confidence for the coming Model UN Conference in New York.”
  • “Seeing the conference in real time gave me a new perspective.”
  • “Running the event gave me better understanding of the procedures, the process, and the job titles and responsibilities of each position.”
  • “JMUN showed how unorganized and uncontrolled informal caucus is.”

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