A message on the “Ya’ll Means All” editorial

By The Staff

On Feb. 28, the “Ya’ll Means All” editorial was published in which highlighted on combating racism at Augusta University. It has been brought to our attention that the term “white ignorance” in which was used in the editorial was taken offensively to some readers. As a student newspaper organization on campus, one of our main jobs is to minimize harm.

On behalf of The Bell Ringer, we do apologize if we have created any potential harm or discomfort to our readers. The term was directed towards white nationalists or those who believe in white nationalism. It is imperative to address the ignorance of such beliefs. It is also imperative to stigmatize such behavior in order to avoid incidents of racism in the future.

As a request from some of our readers, we have replaced the term “white ignorance” with ignorance in our social media and website posts. Unfortunately, we have used the term “white ignorance” in the editorial for the Mar. 1, 2017 issue. However, we do apologize for this error. We hope that this educational moment brings us together as well as creates an atmosphere where we can teach each other effectively.

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