Jaguars, avoid offensive Halloween costumes

By Jamie Sapp | Editor-in-Chief

Jaguars, Halloween begins today on Oct. 31. For many of us as college students, we want to look really spooky, wicked or rather attractive at this year’s Halloween celebration.

We want to show off our costumes and take selfies on social media. We want to scare our friends, hang out with friends and have a great time. We just want to be involved with the tradition Halloween celebration.

There are many costume ideas that are opened to anyone. But before you all decide among yourselves what to wear this year for Halloween, you may want to ask yourself, “Is my costume going to be offensive to someone else?”

“Is my costume considered as ‘cultural appreciation’ or ‘cultural appropriation’?”

It is necessary that we as college students become aware of numerous choices and themes around us. We want to avoid costumes that are racist, sexist, inappropriate, or offensive to one’s culture.

There are various lists about offensive Halloween costumes that are available to read on the internet. Here is a list that I recently made, which is based on the lists that I had found online from Bustle, Fusion and The Huffington Post.

It will guide you into recognizing what costumes to avoid wearing at all costs.

1. Harambe
2. The Zika virus
3. Racist Snapchat filters
4. Native American and indigenous costumes
5. Anything blackface and brownface
6. The Disco Diva and Dashiki outfits (unless you are of African ancestry, respectfully)
7. Nazi and KKK costumes
8. Kim Kardashian West and her robbers
9. Caitlin Jenner
10. Donald Trump and Anti-Hillary Clinton outfits
11. Stereotypical Mexican costumes
12. Stereotypical Asian costumes (Geishas, for example)
13. Costumes that promote Islamophobia or hatred for one’s religion
14. Costumes are offensive to Middle Eastern groups and refugees
15. Any form of clowns (Even McDonald’s favorite clown, Ronald McDonald, is taking a break this year.)

You are probably discouraged in participating Halloween after reading this list. But remember, you can still find a costume that you would like to wear and not offend anyone in the process.

There are some universities that are aware of the topic on offensive costumes. The University of Florida recently made a blog post on Oct. 10 in the Gator Times about providing counseling to students that are offended by any costume worn. The University of Massachusetts-Amherst created posters to measure the “threat level” of a potential costume offending one’s race or culture. Even Tufts University have taken measures by investigating students on cultural appropriation.

Jaguars, we can still have fun celebrating Halloween this year!

But, this is 2016. Whatever costume you will decide to wear, remember that portraying as racist, sexist, inappropriate, or anyhow offensive to people around you does not give you and others a good appearance.

Avoid wearing offensive Halloween costumes this year, Jaguars. Remember, clowns are off-limits too!

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