Yes, people clean park restrooms

Sign at the entrance of Pendleton King Park (Photo: Inesha Howard)
Sign at the entrance of Pendleton King Park in Augusta, Ga. (Photo: Inesha Howard)

By Inesha Howard | Staff Writer

When going to most public restrooms, one may not be pleased with the sight or the smell but Pendleton King Park’s restrooms are not most restrooms.

The restrooms at Pendleton King Park are not only clean, but they also smell good. The park was established in 1966 by John Pendleton King, according to

According to the website, this park “…is a 64-acre bird sanctuary of great topographic diversity with pine forests, sand ridges and marshes.” As if all of these things are not attractive enough, the park’s restrooms are sure to keep visitors coming back and satisfied.

“Every time I go there I feel secure with sitting on the toilets and I usually don’t like public restrooms,” Lucretia Hunt, a frequent park visitor, said.

Bathroom at Pendleton King Park in Augusta, Ga. (Photo: Inesha Howard)
Bathroom at Pendleton King Park in Augusta, Ga. (Photo: Inesha Howard)

Tommy Anglin, supervisor of the park for eight years, said that he cleans the park restrooms by himself most of the times.

“Sometimes I have part time help come in and clean with me but most of the time I do all the cleaning by myself,” Anglin said. “I do clean the bathrooms everyday not a thorough cleaning but I at least make sure the trash is empty.”

Anglin said that to keep the restrooms clean, he uses special types of toilet bowl cleaner and a disinfectant spray to keep them smelling good.

“I never use one type of toilet bowl cleaner I like to switch it up but the smell of the disinfectant spray is what hits them when they walk in,” Anglin said. “That’s what keeps the bathroom smelling so good,” he said chuckling.

According to, the park is managed by the Augusta Richmond County Recreation and Parks Department. Although there is not a certain standard of cleanliness from the department, according to Anglin, he makes a standard for himself as the park supervisor.

“We expect it to be clean and presentable to the public because that’s why we’re here, to serve the public,” Anglin said.

Anglin said that the park does not receive any bathroom inspections from any higher authority but he is the one responsible for making sure that it is always clean.

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