Employer Expo invites more individuals and organizations

By Jamie Sapp | Layout Editor

As an opportunity for Augusta University students to meet local job seekers and employers, the 2016 Employer Expo was held on Feb. 19 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Christenberry Fieldhouse.

It was a cool yet bright Friday, as many individuals walked into the doors of Christenberry Fieldhouse to attend the expo event.

The Employer Expo is one of the most important and professional events that is held each year on the Summerville campus, along with the Educator K-12 Expo. Representatives from different organizations are interested in finding new individuals who are willing to participate in their organizations or who are interested in applying for their graduate school programs.

Each year, the crowd of various individuals and organizations continues to gradually increase.

Director of Career Services Julie Goley said it had been a beautiful day, with the event having 85 organizations participate and a large number of students attend.

“I don’t know the exact count of students, but we usually average about 400 that come through each year,” said Director Goley. “And, it’s been a strong, sturdy attendance since we started.”

On the athletic track, there were 10 rows of booths with representatives from local companies and organizations as well as representatives from departments of Augusta University and other universities. University Hospital, WRDW-TV News 12, the YMCA, the Hull College of Business at Augusta University, DentalSmart, and Brenau University were among some of the various organizations present.

In mentioning the increase of organizations, Director Goley said the 2015 Employer Expo had about 54 organizations participate and had grown to 85 organizations participating.

“Yesterday’s educator fair was doubled over what was last year’s,” she said. “So, I think that’s a good sign that hiring is making a new turn and the economy is working up.”

Assistant Professor Gina Besenyi is the director of the Physical Activity Research in Community Settings (PARCS) Lab. Besenyi said some students asked her about what kind of jobs they can get with a master of public health degree (M.P.H.).

Besenyi also said the College of Allied Health Sciences tries to highlight different opportunities within its programs and its connections to other programs that are available for interested students.

“But a very big question is, you know, ‘what kind of job can you get after you’ve gotten that type of degree?’” she said. “So I brought a list today and that’s ‘Top 100 Jobs’… in Master of Public Health. And I think it’s been very informative because when we come to a job fair we have very traditional jobs in our mind and we don’t think of all of the possibilities that might be out there.”

Besenyi said she advised students to keep an open mind about jobs they may be able to explore.

Although she was at the expo for about five minutes, junior pre-cell and molecular biology major Chamyia Williams said she liked the Employer Expo event.

“The expo was really nice, very informative,” Williams said. “I saw a lot of opportunity. And even for places outside of Augusta, like the Savannah River Place… So yeah, I really liked it.”

As advice for students, Williams said they should go to the expo events even if they have classes during the event time frame or in-between their classes.

Contact Jamie Sapp at: jsapp270@gru.edu.

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