Augusta University: New beginnings, Lasting opportunities

Augusta University, Douglas Barnard Amphitheatre
“Just as our institution has been undergoing much change lately, The Bell Ringer has also been considering some innovative developments in newspaper design…” (Photo: Brie Weston | Contributor)

By Sarah Carter | Editor-in-Chief

Can you believe that 2016 is finally here? This particular time of year is always exciting and refreshing because it reminds me that there will be more adventures to seek out and many new experiences to learn from during the next 365 days.

The arrival of the new year also stimulates a time of personal reflection over the past year, encouraging many to determine what types of resolutions they would desire to accomplish as the new year begins. These goals typically range from career adjustments and redirections to “new and improved” body transformations.

From personal experience, I can recall planning for weeks in advance how I would incorporate the “New Year, New You” mind-set and what types of lifestyle changes I would like to make in anticipation of each new year.

Although the majority of us do not stick to or follow through with all of our personal resolutions, this improvement-based outlook can still be considered commendable and a step in the right direction. Often, however, growth can only be fully realized through change.

As many adopt the “New Year, New You” mantra for 2016, our university could consider incorporating a “New Year, New U” or “New Year, New University” motto for the coming school year.

This adage perfectly describes the challenges and the changes that will certainly come about in regard to the university’s name change from Georgia Regents University to Augusta University as of this past December.

Augusta University, Douglas Barnard Amphitheatre
(Photo: Brie Weston | Contributor)

Even though this transition will encourage new beginnings and precipitate the development of new relationships at our university, we must always remember and be grateful for the experiences and the opportunities that were presented to us as students of Georgia Regents University these past few years. Just as our institution has been undergoing much change lately, The Bell Ringer has also been considering some innovative developments in newspaper design and layout since the conclusion of last semester.

Beginning in January, The Bell Ringer will transition into an online, student-led publication. We believe that this focused experimentation with format and design will bring about an increase in readership along with many opportunities for our newspaper to be disseminated electronically throughout the local community and beyond. However, throughout this semester, we will produce print issues of our work when appropriate.

Our staff’s wish is that The Bell Ringer continues to be a college newspaper that produces excellent, cutting-edge issues that speak to both students and faculty members here in Augusta, Georgia and throughout the country.

It will be inspiring to see how both Augusta University and The Bell Ringer will continue to grow and flourish both collectively and individually throughout the coming months.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support of and dedication to our student newspaper. Warm wishes for a successful and productive semester, Jaguars!


Sarah Carter

Published on January 28, 2016 in Volume 58, Issue 5 of The Bell Ringer newspaper. 

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